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Is FEG Token a Good Investment for the Future?

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FEG Token Price Prediction

Many crypto traders often ask ‘Is FEG token a good investment‘. 

Being a new cryptocurrency, the FEG has shown amazing development as a network in 2021.

We cannot ignore the growth that FEG has gained through projects like FEGex, FEGroox, etc.

It is safe to say that the future of FEG by 2022 and ahead looks to be perfectly set. This is when we consider the partnerships and updates that they have announced.

Alongside this, we might get more transparency regarding the founders of FEG.

What is a FEG Token?

Before we look at the FEG price prediction & figure out ‘Is FEG token a good investment‘, we must know everything about the network itself. The Feed Every Gorilla token can function on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains.

This makes it highly scattered, as its marketing suggests. It charges 2% tax with every transaction. Hence, it could also be called a hyper-deflationary and community-based governance token.

Due to being new in the market, FEG has a very less daily trade volume, especially when we compare it to other well-established cryptocurrencies. Although, the crypto market holds over $120 million of market capitalization.

For example, FEG has made only $992 million worth of transactions during the past 24 hours. While a few other tokens easily achieve $100 million worth of daily trading volume.

Currently, 41 quadrillions are being circulated through the Cryptocurrency market. Keep this in mind before making any decisions about investment in FEG. This huge supply lessens the volatility of the market, also making it even harder to trade around $0.01.

At a very high supply level, trading at such a price means consuming about 50% of market capture. However, this is nearly impossible for the token. High supply and low trading volumes also make it difficult for a token price to rise over the course of the period.

FEG Token Prediction

This week, FEG has had three trading days of losses in a row. It lost almost 4% value per token in today’s reading session.

As we look at the daily chart given below, we notice that the FEG prices are trading at 2.9X10-9.

The significant price drop that occurred currently could also be seen. It indicates a continuous downwards trend for the token to continue.

It is safe to say that the FEG token prediction is that the prices could drop to the low amount of 2.2X10-9 in the upcoming days.

FEG Token Prediction

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How Does the FEG Token Work?

FEG has a circulation of 100 quadrillion units on the Ethereum and Binance networks. This makes the FEG a deflationary cryptocurrency.

The holders of FEG tokens are given 1% of tax as reflections and charged with the tax of 2% per transaction.

Then the remaining 15 tax is permanently burned, which encourages the holders to stay. Alongside, the process also lowers the supply circulation over time.

This creates a scarcity of coins in the supply chain. More investors now want this token at a higher price. Many FEG coins have also been removed from its supply chain. All these things contribute to its inflating value.

FEG Token – History

Before going to FEG token price prediction, we must take a note of its history. The common concern among investors is about the hidden identity of the founders of FEG.

The anonymous nature of the founders is risky. It implies that nobody could be said to be guilty if the token cashes out and leaves the platforms it’s on. This is due to the lack of information about the team behind the FEG project.

By 2021, Binance Smart Chains and Ethereum were the main spots for Crypto trading. Initially, over 100 quadrillion coins were released. Because of this huge count, the value of an individual coin decreased.

Since the beginning, a huge number of tokens have been destroyed. The number of destroyed FEG tokens that we have on the Ethereum network is nearly 58 quadrillion.

This leaves the top supply of nearly 42 quadrillion coins on the Ethereum Network. And the tokens left on the Binance Smart Chain have a maximum number of about 44 quadrillions.

What is the FEG Ecosystem?

The FEG ecosystem is also an important topic to discuss before FEG price prediction. FEG coin started with 100 quadrillion units in the crypto market. It is available on both platforms of Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chains.

To ensure proportional distribution, FEG has implemented certain rules. All the investors who are a part of the FEG ecosystem get a proportional share. This share comes from the burn wallet and transaction tax of 2% that FEG takes. The dispersed amount is based on the share size of an individual.

Those having a higher percentage of shares will receive a proportionally higher amount. You can consider the Burn wallet as a storage entity.

For every successful transaction, the burn wallet gets the calculated token. The supply and demand model has an inversely proportional relationship.

This creates a scarcity of tokens as the circulating supply is decreased. The holders continue to get money through burn wallets for every transaction. This acts as a source of passive income for them.

Is the FEG Token a Good Investment? 

To answer the question of ‘Is FEG token a good investment‘, we have provided a list of benefits and disadvantages below. Being a highly volatile crypto asset, the FEG coin is often compared to the Dogecoin.

The mentioned currencies frequently fluctuate in price. The actions of public figures can often cause such variations in the market. We’ll first discuss the pros and cons of FEG investing:


  • It is expected to show positive fluctuation in the coming years.
  • It’s an inspirational force for many crypto firms. Its quality growth has been applauded by many.
  • In the bull market, a series of bull runs lasting for extended periods of time could push the prices of FEG. This can possibly set newer peaks in the Binance exchange.


  • No guarantee of daily growth. This usually results in a significant loss to investors who intend to gain profit.
  • Safer only for traders who update their knowledge regularly. Investors will need to know the predictions of market trends.

FEG Token Price Prediction for Years 2022-2026

Here we have given a few estimations on FEG price prediction for the coming few years.


The DigiCoinPrice expectation of the price of the FEG token is to hit $0.00000000609 in the year 2022.

Furthermore, it can reach $0.00000000717 in the year 2023, then $0.00000000815 in the year 2024. It may hit $0.00000000929 in the year 2025. After that, it can surprisingly drop to $0.00000000835 in the year 2026.

Then, we may see an impressive jump to $0.00000001136 in 2027. Continuing this bull momentum in 2028, it can reach the value of $0.00000001505. And the final boost to the price is predicted to occur in 2029, shooting to $0.00000001848.

Wallet Investor

FEG token prediction by Wallet investors indicates a long-term profit capacity of +80.57% in one year.

The price is expected to rise from $0.000000003 to $0.000000005 in the period of one year. The predicted price of FEG in 2027 is $0.000000012 by Wallet Investor.


The technical indicator of Coincodex says that the current sentiment is Bearish. Whereas the Fear and Greed Index shows Fear.

12/30, i.e., 40% of green days are recorded by the FEG coin, along with the volatility of price over the past 30 days.

Considering their FEG price prediction, the price of FEG will increase by 31.91%. Eventually, it will hit the mark of $0.0000000045 by 26th March 2022.

FEG Price Prediction for 2022

The price of the token should achieve the mark of $0.0000000030 by the end of 2022.

This will be true only if the token keeps a steady rate of growth.

As the year ends, the price might continue to grow at a steady rate, reaching up to $0.0000000033 per token.

FEG Price Prediction for 2023

FEG is likely to show really good growth in the initial quarter. However, we can expect a turnaround after that. It may drop in comparison to its performance in the previous year.

Before the June of 2023 comes, the price will be descent from $0.0000000030 to $0.0000000027. The possibility of replacing Bitcoin is highly unlikely.

The reason is that Bitcoin is an established coin, also known as the king of altcoins. Thus it will be difficult for the FEG to beat the top competitor.

FEG Price Prediction for 2024

Numerous experts have studied thorough observations of other similar scenarios.

According to them, the FEG token is predicted to boost by 174% in 2024, arriving at $0.0000000049.

FEG Price Prediction for 2025

A noteworthy shift is prophesied by the experts in the price of FEG in the year 2025. The FEG token price prediction is that it will surely jump to the value of $0.0000000055 as 2025 begins.

With the $0.0000000052 market price, the closure of its future prices is expected. The bright-looking future of FEG still doesn’t ensure the defeat of Bitcoin. Bitcoin may still remain relevant.

FEG Price Prediction for 2026

In the year 2026, the FEG price is predicted to grow by 292.79%, reaching the cost of $0.0000000070.


What is FEG Token?

FEG Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

What are the benefits of investing in FEG Token?

FEG Token offers potential growth, a decentralized ecosystem, and the possibility of generating passive income.

What are the risks of investing in FEG Token?

Risks include market volatility and potential regulatory changes that could impact cryptocurrency.

How can I invest in FEG Token?

You can invest in FEG Token by purchasing tokens on supported exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Is FEG Token a reliable investment for the future?

FEG Token shows potential for future growth, but like any investment, it’s crucial to do thorough research and consider the risks involved.


The demand and supply are maintained in inverse proportions. It is done by distributing the 1% tax to each token holder. At the same time, the other 1% tax charged for each transaction is burnt.

This creates a scarcity of supply. It also increases the demand alongside encouraging the holders to hold. This lets the holders enjoy enough passive income along with positive price pressure.

To answer the question, is FEG token a good investment? We can agree that FEG’s growth is nearly guaranteed. This year, FEG is expected to release several beneficial advancements for its investors. They will be integrated into the continuously increasing ecosystem of FEG tokens.

Traders should analyze the crypto sufficiently first before investing in it. This will also benefit FEG.

The plan of implementing the SmartNFTs and working with Chiwawas is going on. Investors are expected to get better returns this year. The mentioned developments are sure to make FEG prices skyrocket in the near future.

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