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How to Open a Real Trading Account with Exness Trader?

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How to Open a Real Trading Account with Exness Trader

Knowing how to open a real trading account with Exness Trader is handy for any trader today.

Do you expect to step into the world of crypto trading with a more user-friendly, simplified platform? If so, Exness can be an ideal option to consider.

How to Open a Real Trading Account with Exness Trader?

The steps are mentioned below if you wonder how to open a real trading account with Exness trader.

We line up the steps for those who want to use the Web App and the trader app.

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Registering for an Exness Account Using the Web App

Well, registering for an Exness account is not difficult at all. Please follow the steps that are mentioned below.

So, let’s get started and learn how to open a real trading account with Exness trader.

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Steps to Register for an Exness

1. First, you should visit the homepage of Exness.

2. Under the New Account option, you should go to “country of residence.” Then, you should provide a valid email address.

Provide a good password (you will be given some guidelines to create a password). Hit the button labeled “Continue.”

Register for an Exness

3. That’s basically it. You have created an account with Exness.

Please note that you are permitted to create an account with Exness any day, including weekends. So, there’s no requirement to postpone your decision.

The account created is regarded as the “Personal Area.” Once the account is created successfully, it is recommended to verify it without hassle.

Personal Area

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How to Create an Exness Trading Account

As the default method, your “Personal Area” on Exness comes with a demo and a real trading account. However, it is always possible to open newer accounts for trading.

Below are the steps to open a real trading account with an Exness trader for trading.

1. Click on the option “Open New Account,” under “My Accounts.” You can find it in the Personal Area.

Open New Account

2. Now, you should choose a type of trading account. At this stage, you can decide whether to settle for a demo account or go for a real account.

choose a type of trading account

3. Now, on the next screen, you can follow the steps below to complete the process.

  • You should choose again whether to go for a Demo or a Real account.
Demo or Real Account
  • Now, you can trade MT4 or MT5 terminals for your account.
  • Select a value for Max Leverage.
  • Choose the account currency. Please note that you cannot change this later on.
  • You can create a unique nickname to represent your trading account.
  • Now, trading a password for the trading account.
  • Now, click on the option “Create Account” if you are done with the settings.

4. That’s it. The trading account that is created just before will appear in the section called “My Accounts.”

How to Create Exness Trading Account

You can now start trading with your fresh account.

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Creating an Exness Account Using the Trader App

If you are wondering how to open a real trading account with Exness trader through the app, keep reading.

1. First, you should download the app called “Exness Trade.” The good news is that this app is available for Android and Apple devices.

2. Now, you should install the app and load it on the device to proceed.

Install Exness Trader on iOS

3. On the main screen of the app, you will see an option called “Register.” Click on it.

Creating an Exness Account Using the Trader App

4. Now, tap on the option called “Change Country” so you can select the country you live in. After that, hit “Continue.”

5. Now, you should enter the email address and hit “Continue.”

6. After that, you should create a password. Be sure to fulfill the requirements to create a strong password. Just tap on the button called “Continue.”

7. Now, enter the phone number. You can verify the number simply by providing the code that is sent to the respective number.

8. Now, you can create a passcode (4 digits). Confirm it by entering it again.

9. If your device supports biometrics, you can configure those settings as well to proceed. However, if your device doesn’t support biometrics, just skip it.

10. Also, you will see a prompt to encourage the initial deposit. But it is always possible to skip it.

11. That’s it. Your Exness trader account is created.

Exness Trader App

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Opening a Trading Account with Exness

After registering for a “Personal Area,” you can create a trading account. Mentioned below is how to do that.

Creating a Demo Account

You will automatically get a demo account after registering with Exness. Also, it will have $10,000 in virtual money.

1. Click on the dropdown that appears at the top of your screen and select options. After that, you can select the option called “Create New Account.”

Switch Real Accounts or Demo Accounts
Creating a New Account

2. Now, select the option called “Demo Account.”

Creating a Demo Account

3. After that, select “MetaTrader 4” or “MetaTrader 5” for your account.

select "MetaTrader 4" or "MetaTrader 5" for your account

4. Set parameters like currency, nicknames, and leverage. The currency is unchangeable. However, it is always possible to change the nickname by using the “Personal Area.”

Set parameters like currency, nicknames, and leverage

5. Use a trading password to match the requirements displayed.

Use a trading password to match the requirements displayed

6. That’s it. You can tap on the option called “Make Deposit” so you can configure virtual money.

Make Deposit on Demo Account

7. Hit the option called “Trade” to proceed.

Creating a Real Account

Here’s how to create a real account to trade in Exness.

1. You should tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen so you can see the options.

2. Then, select “Create New Account.”

3. Choose the option called “Real Account.”

Creating a Real Account

4. Choose MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 for your real account.

5. Set basic parameters, including leverage, currency, and nickname.

6. Hit the option called “Continue.”

7. Choose a trading password to comply with the requirements of Exness.

8. That’s basically it. You can tap the option called “Make Deposit” and select a method to deposit some real money. Then, hit “Trade” to start.

Make Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of trading accounts does Exness Trader offer? Exness Trader offers several types of trading accounts, each tailored to different trading styles and experience levels.

2. How long does it take to open an account with Exness Trader? The process is usually quick, but it can take longer if additional documentation is required for verification purposes.

3. Can I open more than one trading account with Exness Trader? Yes, Exness Trader allows users to open multiple trading accounts.

4. Is my personal information safe with Exness Trader? Yes, Exness Trader employs strict security measures and encryption technologies to safeguard user information.

5. Do I need any special software to trade with Exness Trader? No, Exness Trader can be accessed through a web browser, but they also offer a mobile app for trading on the go.


Opening a real trading account with Exness Trader is a straightforward process. With its user-friendly platform, extensive educational resources, and robust security measures, Exness Trader offers a conducive environment for trading.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, Exness Trader has the tools and support you need to navigate the exciting world of online trading.

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